To create consciously made, clean burning candles that help encourage mental health happiness through the power of thought.


Self-Care Candles Made With Mindfulness

When creating a+FFIRMATION CULTURE, the 'WHY' for us was simple. 

Happy minds equal happy, fulfilled lives.

a+FFIRMATION CULTURE is a brand that promotes and invests in mental health happiness through the power of thought. Our thoughts create our reality, so we live our most abundantly when we have good mental clarity and physical well-being. On a daily basis we can lose ourselves in the noise of work and social pressures and expectations, creating unbalance. 

Candles create a soothing atmosphere and have always been used as a tool for ritual and relaxation. Our candles use the healing properties of essential oils and  are combined with the mindfulness technique of positive affirmations for a holistic experience. Each scent is designed to relax and heal the physical body and the candle will contain an affirmation to stimulate positive thoughts and perspectives, helping us to overcome limiting beliefs and live our best life.