Enjoy ethically made, all natural candles that encourage self-love, empowerment and inner peace through the power of positive affirmations.

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

At Affirmation Culture we believe our thoughts play a key role in helping us live our best lives. When we create a positive mindset with calming thoughts that inspire happiness within, that feeling radiates through our whole body. That is why our candles not only help you relax but come with 1 of 20 positive affirmation cards to stimulate thoughts of self-love, empowerment and inner peace. Happy minds equal happy lives.


Candles For A Cause

We donate 10% of our profits to the Mental Health Foundation

Supporting mental health for everyone

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With social distancing changing our lives as we know it, it's more important than every to look after our mental wellbeing. Scent and sound together are a powerful duo when it comes to influencing our mood and making us feel positive. SO we have teamed up with 4 talented musicians to bring you SCENT:SORY SOUNDS.

Each musician has curated a playlist of songs and sounds that represent their interpretation of our candle scents. From Call for Calm to Morning Gratitude, enjoy a scent and sound journey to keep vibes high!

Currently playing is our Soul Mate playlist by singer Deva Mahal.

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