Affirmation Culture

Empowered Mind Affirmation Candle

Our thoughts are what create our reality and our lives are a direct reflection of our internal beliefs. Boost your clarity and find your focus with the bold scent of Empowered Mind.

Stimulate deep connection to Source and Self with the warm, rich notes of amber, cinnamon and frankincense. Amber is known to boost cognitive function while frankincense is renowned for its concentration benefits and for calming nervous tension. Sweet and spicy cinnamon makes this blend perfect for bringing warmth to the warmer months.

Mindfully Made:

  • Natural Coconut Wax Blend
  • Cotton Wick
  • Essential Oil
  • Eco-Friendly & Clean Burning
  • Positive Affirmation Card
  • Net Wt: 190g
  • Burn Time: Up To 40 Hours

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